Bioremediation OMBT is a highly active liquid microbial product designed to provide treatment in a variety of freshwater and saltwater aquaculture systems. Bioremediation OMBT product is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and safe to use in aquatic habitats. The Bioremediation OMBT product can be used to provide long-term treatment or targeted treatment of Aquaculture process tanks, lagoons, ponds, and coastal pond/lagoon systems.

Secoes Bioremediation OMBT product economic benefits
Aquaculture water, wastewaterandsludge systems economic benefits

  • decreased pollutant retention time requirements resulting in reduced treatment storage capacity requirements and associated costs
  • Up to 40% decrease in sludge volume and associated disposal costs
  • Reduced aquatic animal mortality costs associated with increased water quality, disease resistance and dissolved oxygen levels

Bioremediation OMBT product is highly reactive and adaptive due to the diverse microbial population, which includes:

  • 60 +/- species of bacteria
  • The bacteria strains included in the Bioremediation OMBT product target both organic and inorganic pollutants in all types of environmental conditions and include the following:
      Aerobic bacteria
      Facultative bacteria
      Anaerobic bacteria
      Autotrophic bacteria
      heterotrophic bacteria
      chemoautotrophic bacteria
      chemoheterotrophic bacteria
      chemoorganoheterotroph bacteria
  • 14+/- species of archaea
  • 15 +/- species of fungi
  • 5 +/- species of algal protists

Bioremediation OMBT cultures accelerate the biological oxidation of slow-to-degrade organic matter in aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative wastewater and sludge treatment systems, ponds, and lagoons. Bioremediation OMBT enhances the biological oxidation of organic compounds, resulting in significantly improved water quality, system performance, and stability.

Bioremediation OMBT select cultures promote increased biological degradation of wastes, pollutants, excessive nutrients, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, and algae in all types of aquaculture pond systems. Our microbes increase the degradation rate of pollutants and compounds that have shown to negatively impact the growth of fish, shrimp, zooplankton, and filter feeders.

Bioremediation OMBT increases overall microbial oxidation rates, significantly increasing organic degradation performance and reduces bottom sludge volume.

Try Bio-Remediation OMBT today and see how we can help improve your Aquaculture process operations today!”


  • Increases water quality resulting in reduced water treatment & chemical costs, harvest delays and mortality
  • Maintains ecological balance
  • Reduces pollutants, ammonia, undesired nutrients, and pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduces nitrite & the incidence of brown blood disease
  • Treats algae blooms, including toxic blue green algae
  • Promotes increased growth rate and reduced mortality in fish, mollusks, zooplankton and filter feeders
  • Reduces water change
  • Increases dissolved oxygen
  • Reduces bottom sludge volume
  • Controls odors