Vital organic matter and soil nutrients are often missing, destroyed, and/or mined out of sterile grow media due to the overuse of chemical inputs, nutrient runoff, and unsustainable cannabis growing practices.

Secoes Green OMBT soil conditioner offers a proprietary formulation of microbe species that restores and maintains soil health and fertility in several ways.

Secoes Green OMBT product is an innovative, proprietary blend of 100% natural, fast-acting microbes (bacteria, archaea, fungi and algal protists) formulated to enhance plant growth, disease resistance, and both drought, and salt tolerance processes in all cannabis plant stages (from clone/seedling through flower).


  • Cost beneficial
  • Significantly increase crop yields, terpenes and medical markers
  • Increase growth rates
  • Significantly increase crop yields, terpenes and medical markers
  • Increase resistance to disease and pests, including fusarium mold, powdery mildew, botrytis (gray mold), spider mites, and others
  • Reduce salinity, toxins, and pollutants
  • Reduce water


Reduce Nutrient and IPM Input Costs | Increase in Medical Marker and Terpene Yields

Secoes Green OMBT is revolutionizing the cannabis cultivation industry by conditioning the plant-root system and soil, resulting in:

  • Substantially increased root volume, root and plant growth rates, greater cola size, and yields users often report general crop yield increase of 20% over control.
  • Enhances trichrome production, resulting in increased medical marker yields and terpene percentages
  • Reduced new clone radical formation time
  • Considerably reduced water usage
  • Optimized and reduced nutrient usage
  • Significantly increased plant resistance to disease is experienced, including to fusarium mold, powdery mildew, botrytis (gray mold), and spider mites

How Does Secoes Green OMBT Product Achieve all This? 
The Green OMBT product is revolutionary in its diversity and capabilities regarding the cultivation of Secoes’ proprietary microbial population of bacteria, archaea, fungi, and algal (plant-like) protists. Our microbes are optimized to work symbiotically, supporting a plant’s root growth, health and nutrient uptake, and the conversion of nutrients into a more bioavailable form accessible to the root system. Thus, 120 days of outdoor growth are required for our 100% natural microbial product’s maximal symbiosis. It is worth noting that nutrient transfer to plants occurs during this duration, consequently allowing for a plant’s, and associated colas, to grow to the maximum potential. As you can surmise, using a symbiotic microbial population to transform nutrients into a more readily bioavailable form to the plant is at the core of the Green OMBT product.
“To date, no product on the market compares to Secoes’ Green OMBT, it is truly unique in every way.”

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Secoes Green OMBT Product Features, Advantages and Benefits
(FAB) to Cannabis Life Stages

Early Rooting Stage

Proprietary microbial formula that supports nutrient uptake.

Microbes are grown organically and concertedly, creating a symbiotic relationship in the local environment, and robust root growth, optimized health and nutrient uptake, conversion of nutrients into a more bioavailable form accessible to the root system


  • Heightened plant growth rates. Users report increased rooting and clone/seedling growth rates
  • Increased stem strength
  • Enhanced bioavailability of nutrients dosed
  • Reduced nutrient amendment dosing
  • Reduced operational costs

Vegetative Stage

Microbial formula that targets the enhancement absorption of bioavailable nutrients, such as K, P, and N.

Increased root volume (via increased water uptake and storage by root system), soil structure (via increased water storage in soil), and stem strength


  • Substantially increased root volume. Users report 100%-400% increased root volume!
  • Boost flower size, number, and strain size during “stretch”
  • Optimized plant root water storage, reducing water usage
  • Users experience profound plant growth rates
  • Greatly expands plant’s resiliency to heat stress
  • Reduced number of steps and products required in cannabis growth cycle

Flowering Stage

Proprietary formula that optimizes nutrient uptake during cola/bud development.

Microbial symbiosis allows for enhanced nutrient uptake during trichome and cola development


  • Increased overall crop yield. Users often report general crop yield increase of 20% over control
  • Enhances trichrome production, resulting in greater medical marker and terpene percentages
  • Reinforced resistance to disease

Entire Plant Cycle – Integrated Pest Management

The select microbial species in our Green OMBT formula supports plant health and establishes a plant-supporting microbiome, conditions that deters plant disease and the proliferation of many undesired microbes and molds.

Promotes increased plant and microbiome health, resulting in plant resistance to disease, fungus pathogens and molds


  • Reduced pest and disease occurrence using natural biological controls promotes a successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program
  • Reduced pesticide use and human intervention to control pest populations