About Us

Providing natural biological solutions to solve real-world problems

Secoes Microbial is a privately held biotechnology company that provides cutting-edge microbial products to support the needs of both agriculture and bioremediation industries.  Secoes’ Organic Microbial Balanced Technology (OMBT) products are sustainably formulated using a proprietary blend of 100% natural, indigenous microorganisms that work symbiotically to restore the health of plants, soil and water.  Our unique OMBT products consist of beneficial bacteria, archaea, fungi and algal protists. 

“Restoring the planet one drop at a time.”

Our Vision is Two-Fold:
Become a leader in the creation and proliferation of microbial products that sustainably:

  • optimize worldwide agricultural yields, water and nutrient resources to support farmers and contribute to the elimination of global hunger; and
  • bio-remediate harmful pollutants from water, wastewater and soil to support communities and restore the planet

Introduce Secoes’ new and innovative microbial product solutions to address currently unsustainable industry practices. 

Utilizing Secoes OMBT product in agriculture, farming, water and wastewater treatment, pollutant bioremediation, composting and other applications to create sustainable, natural, and healthy practices that will restore the planet and support communities and businesses.

Our objective is to not just sell product but to strive to achieve project success.

We provide the level of industry expertise needed to properly define and support client needs for a specific application.

Microbial dosing for agricultural industry applications and bioremediation of domestic and industrial waste treatment applications requires knowledge of the science, natural systems, and technology available to achieve desired outcomes. Secoes provides both agricultural and bioremediation industry experts and the support services needed to give you access to the latest information and techniques to increase crop yields, meet project needs and reduce operational costs.

At times, the indigenous biomass becomes insufficient or unbalanced. Symptoms can include poor soil and plant health (for agricultural applications) or loss of treatment efficiency, increased polymer or chemical use, or difficulty in in maintaining unit operations (for bioremediation applications). Secoes’s OMBT technology uses fast growing, naturally occurring microbes to correct biomass problems and restore agricultural health, and biological treatment efficiency.

Additional Services

Secoes also helps clients with our biological treatment system optimization programs.

  • We work with you to answer your questions regarding how best to deploy our technology at your project.
  • We work with our clients to provide laboratory or in-field treatability studies to optimize product dosing, reduceoperational costs, and ensure for the success of client projects.