About Us

Providing natural biological solutions to natural cannabis growth

Secoes Microbial is a privately held biotechnology company providing cutting-edge microbial products to support the cannabis grow industry. Secoes Green Organic Microbial Balanced Technology (OMBT) product is sustainably formulated using a proprietary blend of 100% natural, indigenous microorganisms that work symbiotically to restore plant health, quality, and yields while minimizing environmental impacts. Our unique OMBT products consist of beneficial bacteria, archaea, fungi and algal protists. 

“Promoting smart growth one drop at a time.”

Our Green OMBT product formula contains beneficial bacteria, archaea, fungi and algal protists, which are cultivated together naturally to ensure our microbes cohabitate and support each other as needed to help cannabis growers maximize plant health.

Our Green OMBT product technology has been extensively tested by cannabis growers and a leading US academic institution. Thus far, evidence has proven that our Green OMBT product increases plant health and growth. Our Green OMBT product is manufactured in Texas, where all production is performed in-house for quality control. Additionally, beneficial microbial formula runs clean in plant irrigation and nutrient dosing systems and is derived from 100% organic materials, supporting organic natural farms.

Why Are We Different?
The microbes in our Green OMBT product are cultivated together in a natural environment. This ensures our microbes work symbiotically and seamlessly together when applied to soil/grow media, resulting in a high performing microbial environment that fully supports crop health. The microbes in other formulas are cultivated in sterile lab conditions. When combined with other microbes (either before product bottling or when dosed to soil/grow media containing other microbe species) there is no guarantee the microbes will coexist or flourish in these environments.